Fine wood working equipment





We love to show off our state of the art shop here at Heartland Wood Products. So check out this beauty! It’s a Time Savers Hero, planer-sander and it’s one of the workhorses of our company.

For those of you who are not aware of what a planer-sander is, it’s just that. It planes and sands a flat smooth surface. As a board or other flat, wood, product passes through, it first passes under the planer portion of the machine. The planer is not long flat blades you might have seen on smaller planers, rather it is made up of some 500 14 mm square inserts. The inserts are sharpened on all four side so when a fresh cutting edge is needed we go in and give each insert a ¼ turn.

Then the product runs under two sanding drums much like the common belt sanders we’ve all seen. To be more technical, the first is a drum and the second is referred to as a polishing platen. Currently set up with 120 grit finish belt, she puts out that professional finish Heartland Wood Products is known for.

As you can see, it is a large machine. For safety and efficiency, it is fitted with cameras and screens so the operators can see what’s going on, on the other side.

It has a million and one uses from planning lumber for raw stock to door panels to butcher block tops. With a 43” wide capacity, we are able to put a smooth surface on larger products like island tops, counter tops and doors in minutes.

Skilled craftspeople, the finest equipment and quality lumber continues to be the winning formula for us at HWP! It’s why we say, “You should see what we saw!”

Building a New Home or Remodeling?


If you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you have to listen to this!!

Heartland Wood Products offers affordable custom made mill work whether your building new or remodeling.
The woodwork you use can either enhance or diminish the style and design of your home. It can tie everything together or make it stick out like a sore thumb.

The folks at Heartland Wood Products have been making custom millwork for over 20 year and with over 1000 patterns available; that means they can manufacture virtually any style wood moulding, trim, doors or more!

They are not a box store with rows and rows of cookie cutter trim and mouldings, they match, design and even custom make your wood work they hand pick the wood for your project.
Heartland Wood Products affordable custom mill work made with traditional craftsmanship and today’s technology.

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