About Us


Our Purpose

Heartland wood products takes pride in crafting quality wood products, providing exceptional services and nourishing meaningful relationships to enrich the lives of our employees, customers and owners.


  • Our 25,000 square foot production facility is equipped with the most cutting edge equipment in the industry.
  • Computerized production insures the finest quality and product, speeds up production, promotes safety and makes the best use of our precious natural resources.
  • In addition, all of our scrap, dust and shavings are collected, processed and used for bedding and fuels.
  • Heartland’s most valuable resource, however, is our employees who use their talents to produce the finest quality wood products available today.
  • Discuss your projects with our knowledgeable sales staff and get on the high road to providing the best wood products for your customers.

Since 1954 we have been manufacturing quality products.  In 1989 the name Heartland was formed and you will receive today the same tradition and high quality products made by people that have 20 plus years of experience.

We continue our commitment to producing the highest quality products available and providing superior response to customers’ needs.

We manufacture custom and stock millwork, dimension lumber; edge glued panels and machined wood components.  In order to achieve the highest quality level in our products, wood is purchased directly from select northern hardwood sawmills, then expertly manufactured to your specifications.

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