Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood LumberWe are a supplier of some of the finest northern grown hardwood lumber from the forests of Wisconsin with tight grain patterns, nice color and decent widths and lengths. Over two decades of experience with some of the best mills in the region have resulted in consistent high quality lumber that we believe is second to none.

Couple that with our accurate straight line edge and superior 120 grit sanded finish and you get an awesome pack of lumber every time. We stock many popular species including some exotics in all different thicknesses, lengths and grades. We do not have generic packs waiting to ship. Rather, we process your order specific to your requirements with as much or as little machining as you want. Hit/Miss, S2S, SLR1E, S4S, you call the shots.

Our lumber is custom machined to your exact specifications and sorted for your desired widths, lengths or grain patterns.  The product has a sanded finish of 100 – 150 grit.  We are able to stock a good variety of species and dimensions.

Ever wonder if you are purchasing northern or southern grown hardwoods?  One way you can tell is to look at the ends of the boards and count the number of growth rings within the 3/4” thickness.  If there are fewer than four growth rings, it is most likely southern grown stock.  The lumber is cheaper to buy but the appearance may be less desirable.

We primarily use northern grown species that generally have a finer grain texture and more even color.  Contact us for the finest hardwood products available.

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