The glue that binds us to you!


Heartland Wood Product’s edge gluing capabilities open up a whole world of opportunities. Edge gluing, the process of ripping and gluing lumber to create wider material, has a multitude of applications. Common, custom wood products that Heartland Wood Products produces using these techniques are, cabinet door panels, wider raw lumber, stair treads, stair skirt boards and post and beam caps.

One of our most popular edge glued products is our butcher block. Our customers come to us with some great ideas and uses for butcher block. They will mix species and colors for counter tops, back splashes, island tops and bars. One even had an idea for a headboard and night stand tops for a bedroom set. Butcher block care can be as simple as a rubbed mineral oil finish. This makes for easy maintenance of dings and scratches as you can simply sand them out and re-oil the surface.

Our high quality edge gluing techniques help us to deliver a wider variety of custom woodwork and millwork to our customers. Not all edge gluing is created equal, however. In our shop, your project will not be ripped if it can’t be glued and clamped that day. This is an important policy to keep in the edge gluing process. The reason being, when a fresh edge is cut on any given piece of lumber, it exposes a fresh section of that board. That fresh section and the pores in that part of the wood, immediately start wicking minerals and saps. These minerals and saps clog those pores that you want the glue to penetrate to insure a quality glue joint. This is the kind of knowledge that all of our craftspeople have acquired over the years.

Quality edge gluing, yet another skill that makes Heartland Wood Products the best in custom wood product manufacturing. “You should see what we saw!”